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Doing Business With a Manufacturer Made Easy

Mitch Lee< Mitch Lee September 6, 2018

Manufacturers must manage increasing market volatility, rising trade risk and growing product complexity. In this evolving B2B environment, how can you not only meet customer expectation but exceed it? How can you ensure you’re easy to do business with while also maximize every margin moment?

Amid market pressure, your sales teams must generate an accurate quote in a very short amount of time. Failure to do so only results in more lost deal opportunities. You want to have  the entire quote-to-order process be both easy and accurate. That way, your customers (and your sales reps) will love the experience.

To make that happen, your sales team can leverage advanced analytics to develop dynamic pricing that maximizes profitability across every quote while also automating the quote-to-cash process. They will need to generate robust proposals that can include diagrams, terms & conditions and more, all at the touch of a button. And, once a quote has been accepted, the system should  process all the orders to each of the vendors that are part of the quote. Easily combining your business intelligence with rapid, accurate, results would be awesome! Think of it – your partners and suppliers are notified every time your product is being quoted and who is quoting it.

Here’s What You Want

  • Product Configuration. Automate multiple, complex solution ad service configurations, allowing sales reps to quickly quote with 100% accuracy.
  • Price Optimization. Use historical sales transaction data to easily generate customer segmentations and determine optimal target pricing for every customer. Deliver optimized pricing directly into the CPQ workflow
  • Guided Selling. Create a standardized and guided workflow for sales to follow as they move through the steps of solution configuration, pricing, cross-sell scenarios and proposal generation.
  • Quoting. Organize critical data, create brand templates, and track quotes for every deal.

That boils down to: Right Product. Right Price. Right Quote.

Thinking that sounds like something you need?  Take a look at Intelligent CPQ: Check out this demoAnd, if you’re planning to attend IMTS next week in Chicago, stop by booth 236887. We’ll talk CPQ!