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Vendavo Launches Breakthrough Big Data Solution That Offers Targeted, Real-Time Pricing Recommendations For Businesses

By Vendavo
April 30, 2014

Leveraging customer transactional data, Vendavo Power & Risk empowers sales teams with dynamic pricing insights, helps businesses harness ‘overlooked’ revenue to boost margins

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vendavo, the leading provider of revenue and price optimization and management solutions, today announced the launch of Vendavo Power & Risk, the latest in an innovative line of practical Big Data analytics solutions that puts the power of pricing in the hands of businesses. Available hosted and on-premises, Vendavo Power & Risk is a patented solution that provides enterprises with the power to confidently raise prices and control discounts, without losing volume and risking loss of business.

“Selling is how most businesses generate revenue, but you need to do it right,” said Neil Lustig, CEO of Vendavo. “Salespeople still make deals based on ‘gut feel.’ As a result, companies lose margins because of underpricing and over-discounting.”

“Vendavo Power & Risk is a breakthrough solution that enables businesses to grow revenues by providing them the winning price, by segment, customer and product,” said Brian Cipresse, vice president of product at Vendavo. “With access to automated insights based on customer transaction histories, you can achieve more accurate pricing levels, greater adaptive agility to market changes, and harness ‘overlooked’ revenue for margin growth.”

Unlike traditional price optimization solutions, Vendavo Power & Risk fully integrates with commonly used quoting tools, including Excel, CRM, CPQ, sales force automation systems, as well as Vendavo pricing solutions. Vendavo Power & Risk and its patented technology distill all the elements of the pricing decision-making into a Power score and a Risk score – which combined, paints a clear picture of where a business can be bold and raise prices and where it must tread more carefully.

Power is a business’ ability to raise prices in a given segment and gain more revenue without losing volume. Risk indicates the potential outcome of making the wrong pricing decision, based on factors such as sales volume, the number of customers and revenue.

According to a 2010 MIT-IBM survey, 50 percent of sales people said that growing revenue is one of the primary challenges facing their organizations.Vendavo Power & Risk provides a powerful opportunity for pricing professionals, sales people and key decision-makers to augment their business acumen with precise target prices and discounts for maximum profitability.

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