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How To Maximize Profit On Each Project, Design and Jobsite

By Justin Bailey
May 17, 2018

Let’s imagine you’re in the shoes of your newest salesperson who is visiting a long time customer as they spin up a new project. Maybe it’s a new piece of machinery with electrical or hydraulic needs that aren’t exactly off-the-shelf. Or perhaps this is a new apartment complex going up in Denver, and you’re trying to spec air and water barriers into the design while respecting local building codes.

Regardless of what you’re selling, there’s a host of know-how needed to bring to bear in this situation to be successful. Read the full story at Manufacturing Business Technology...

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    Justin Bailey

    Justin drives superior returns for his customers by delivering pricing and CPQ best practices. He brings over a decade of experience in business analytics, B2B pricing strategy, and managerial consulting to the Vendavo team. His diverse pricing experiences span everything from fabricated precious metals to medical laundering services, and he leverages that breadth to help his customers succeed with their unique pricing challenges.