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2 Ways High-Tech Manufacturers Can Manage Price Erosion

By Israel Rodrigo
December 20, 2018

For high-tech manufacturers, the ever-increasing speed of innovation can be a double-edged sword. On the upside, continuous advances in technology allow companies to continuously improve and add value to their product lines. What’s more, introducing new tools and technologies opens up tremendous cross-sell and upsell opportunities. The downside? As new product release cycles accelerate, product lifecycles are getting shorter. The result is fast price erosion and shrinking margins. For more, read the full article by our Israel Rodrigo at

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    Israel Rodrigo

    Israel is a Business Consultant at Vendavo with more than 15 years of extensive international experience in logistics, wholesale distribution and software industries. Prior to Vendavo, he worked at Deutsche Post DHL and McKesson in several strategic positions, such as controlling, customer finance, sales development, and leading profit optimization and pricing transformation. He holds a BS degree in Statistics and Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) and lives in Seattle, Washington.