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Vendavo to Outline 5 Blockers to Achieving Successful Commercial Excellence Outcomes During Oct 1 Webinar with EPP Pricing Platform

Vendavo< Vendavo September 28, 2020

To help organizations gain better financial outcomes consistently through their digital transformation initiatives, Vendavo, a market leader in commercial excellence solutions, will host a webinar, The 5 Blockers to Achieving Exceptional Outcomes with the EPP Pricing Platform on Thursday, October 1 at  8am ET | 2pm CET.  Registration is now open.

Led by Shawn Ehmann, Global VP services at Vendavo, participants will learn the difference between securing a pricing tool and achieving business transformation. He will explain the exhaustive execution evaluation of 227 Vendavo customer implementations and the resulting discovery of 5 systematic blockers to their commercial excellence initiatives.

Participants will also learn:

  • How to get more out of your current setup. (Technology alone isn’t the answer.)
  • A playbook to transform the pricing function.
  • 2 customer examples to transform the pricing function.

Registration is required to join the webinar. Sign up now via the EPP Pricing Platform.