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Vendavo to Detail Outcome-based Pricing for Spare Parts at EMEA Spare Parts Forum Feb 14

Vendavo< Vendavo February 7, 2018

To help spare parts operations optimize their business with outcome-based pricing, Business Consultant, Mitch Lee of Vendavo, a leading provider of commercial excellence solutions, will lead a session at the EMEA Spare Parts Forum in Stockholm, Sweden on February 14 at 9:30 a.m. CET.

His session, Outcome Based Pricing: Conflict or Opportunity? The Future Consequences for Spare Parts Pricing will provide practical insights into how outcome-based pricing models will impact Spare Parts pricing.

During the session, participants will also learn:

  • How changes in global transparency, digital commerce and connected technology are creating market environments ripe for innovation and disruption.
  • Why subscription models are not the end game and how outcome-based pricing will impact all aspects of B2B commerce.
  • Why spare parts pricing leaders are best placed to address the imminent impact of outcome-based pricing and help their business control the transition, and create highly differentiated go-to-market models.

The Spare Parts Forum is currently sold out but conference organizers have an official wait list. Sign up here.

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