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Analysis Made Simple

Features and Benefits



Advanced Out of the Box Performance KPIs

Enable Price Volume Mix analysis on any slice of the business to quickly identify under-performing business areas and provide outputs and additional performance metrics to quickly understand the size/value of the problem/opportunity.

Provide easy to consume insights into Price Volume Mix to quickly identify under-performing business slices based on changes in Price Volume Mix effects, benchmark Price Volume Mix effects across different business slices, and provide business KPIs to quantify and document price- or margin benefits.

Custom Specific Model Definition

Allow the users to define their own Price Volume Mix Model and create and add custom effects based on their specific needs.

Flexibility to support more sophisticated Price Volume Mix Models and allow the user to define custom specific effects, determine sequence of effect calculation, etc.

Data and Lifecycle Stages

Enable upload & Price Volume Mix decomposition of different datasets/combining data from different data sources. Compare multiple business areas side by side, across multiple regions, countries or product groups.

Peer bench-marking across any business dimension to identify under-performing business areas. Now you can compare Price Volume Mix analysis on Deal data, compare deals (Pipeline) versus transactions, forecast versus deals data, forecast versus Invoice data (transactions), Market or Competitor data versus invoice data (transactions) or deals or forecast, and more.

Multiple Mix Effects

Provides a more detailed break down into different mix effects, e.g. Product Mix, Customer Mix and Channel Mix.

Increased visibility at a glance into change in Revenue or Margin driven by different Mix Effects/Dimensions to take more informed decisions for Commercial Strategy refinement.

Drilling Dimensions

Drive consistency and provide harmonized view on customer- or Key-User defined drilling dimensions and drilling path in the template definition, supporting needs of different business units, functions or roles.

High level of usability and flexibility to support most efficient assessment & review of analysis results.