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Business Criticality

Growing trade risk, increasing regulatory costs, supply and demand disruptions, new sources of competition and changing buyer preferences are only but a few of the emerging challenges that building materials distributors must now contend with. Vendavo is the market leader in working with building materials distributors to modernize their quote-to cash processes and accelerate digital commerce capabilities that deliver a superior customer experience with greater profitability.

Building Materials Distribution

Industry Intelligence


Percent of construction material suppliers who expect to be selling their inventory online in the future

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Amount of Year over Year Ecommerce Sales growth for the building materials industry

5 Ecommerce Myths Impacting Building Materials


Percent of customers who said omnichannel convenience was one of the top 3 improvements distributors should make


Business Challenges of Building Materials Distribution


  • Flat to declining housing starts
  • Changing customer preferences
  • Increasing competitive price pressure
  • Limited digital commerce capabilities
  • Increasing transparency, price pressure, and commoditization


  • Increasing environmental regulatory costs
  • Limited use of data insights for business optimization
  • Inadequate application of artificial intelligence
  • Supply, demand, and trade risk disruptions
  • Sales teams struggle to close deals


  • Lack of innovative pricing models
  • Increasing margin pressure
  • Limited pricing leverage
  • Deal prices vary widely due to lack of timely insights
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome

Vendavo Solutions

Commercial Excellence for Building Products Distribution

Sales Solutions

  • Improved Win Rates
  • Fast Accurate Quotation
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Product Availability
  • Guided Selling
  • Deal Profitability
  • Price Agreements
  • Product/Offering Configuration
  • Automated Proposal Generation

Commercial Intelligence Solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ERP and CRM Integration
  • Margin Optimization
  • Deal Negotiation Insights
  • Price Volume Mix Analysis
  • Advanced Segmentation Modeling
  • Predictive Business Alerts
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Advanced Commercial Visualization

Pricing Solutions

  • Automated Intelligent Pricing
  • Price Optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Centralized Price Management
  • Market Data Management
  • Transfer Price Management
  • List Price Management
  • Pricing Guidance
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Incentive Management


Commercial Excellence With Vendavo

The Commercial Excellence Zone

Learn how your ERP system can seamlessly integrate with your CRM through an enhanced commercial intelligence software platform. Vendavo’s Commercial Excellence Software brings you to a land of ultimate profitability through integrated pricing management, pricing optimization, and CPQ enhanced sales negotiation. Claim your commercial edge, with Vendavo.

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