Feature Description

Feature Benefit

Deal-Specific Incentive Programs

Create incentive programs linked to a specific deal and have it approved jointly with the quote-approval workflow

Win more deals by using incentives as a price-negotiation vehicle and reduce the overall turnaround time on a quote

Rebate Exposure Simulation

See the impact of all relevant rebates on the profitability of the deal and line item, e.g. pocket price and pocket margin.

Sales and approvers understand the impact of rebates and other incentives on profitability and ensure that rebates don’t reduce company margins.

General Incentive Programs

Create incentive programs that are applicable across deals. Define clear parameters, terms and requirements for the calculation and frequency of payment evaluations. Ensure that incentives are automatically applied for products sold that match the defined parameters.

Positively influence deals and business by launching and administering a wide variety of sales, channel, and partner incentive programs

Incentive Program Workflow

Approve deal-specific rebates through the quote approval workflow in Deal Manager so that the deal and the rebate are approved together.

Ensures new Rebate Programs are reviewed by appropriate levels of the organization per workflow rules before becoming effective

Attainment Tracker

Measure whether the customer has attained the appropriate level of compliance or met the terms to qualify for payment of the incentive.

Plug any revenue leakage from incorrect or over payment of claims, incorrect revenue recognition and sales commission payments.

Approver Incentive Detail View

Allows approvers to see the details of a rebate that he or she needs to approve or deny.

Reduce any chances of unnecessary rebates and resulting revenue leakage

Rebate Program Selector

Select a rebate program from a list of available rebate programs and have it apply to a deal. These rebates would only apply when selected for a deal.

Immediate visibility into available rebates when quoting to a customer

Incentive Program Analysis

Allocate incentive amounts to specific invoice lines utilize Vendavo Profit Analyzer to assess deal profitability.

Understand the impact and effectiveness of individual incentive programs to improve future growth strategies