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Why These 2 Colorado Companies are Making the Shift to Site Reliability Engineering

Vendavo< Vendavo July 9, 2021

Both leaders agree that SRE could be the key to unlocking the full potential of DevOps.

“To use an analogy, [site reliability engineers are] not the actors on stage; we’re the folks behind the scenes wearing the headsets and making sure everything is running smoothly,” wrote Google Search SRE Andrew Widdowson in 2012 (today, he is the global sites data and resilience lead at the company). “Alternatively, our work is like being a part of the world’s most intense pit crew. We change the tires of a race car as it’s going 100 mph.”

SREs can run independently of DevOps principles — as they did at Google during the early 2000s — but with the rise in popularity in both sectors in recent years, the two have become interwoven. It’s the SREs who have become the facilitators for successful DevOps implementation, which is just how the situation turned out for two Colorado-based companies, Vendavo and Alchemer

With SREs in the ranks, both organizations have seen increased support within teams, better communication and collaboration, and faster delivery. Barriers have been eliminated and teams are more aligned than ever before. 

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