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Scrap Metal Market Remains Strong

Vendavo< Vendavo August 4, 2021

The shortage of lumber has made headlines in recent weeks as manufacturers and home owners alike grapple with trying to find much-needed material.

Bruce Slosse, president and chief executive officer of Vendavo, a global price optimization and management solutions provider, said during lockdowns, workers were often told to stay home, typically meaning both primary production and dismantlers struggled to keep up with production numbers.

“For those that could produce at their usual rate, with reduced demand from their customers, they had to cut production when inventory levels ballooned,” Slosse said. “This is in addition to any issues that were caused by logistics and transportation curtailments caused by the pandemic.”

As the economic stress from the pandemic eases, it’s sometimes difficult to “restart” the workforce in tandem with either shortages or excesses of material required for production. And again, transportation constraints remain as supply chains rebuild.

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