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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a CloudOps Director

Vendavo< Vendavo July 29, 2021

The key to adopting a smart DevOps mindset, according to a CloudOps director? Prioritization and automation.

Since Vendavo owns the cloud, it supports production environments in first-line, second-line fashion. However, “the whole cloud infrastructure supporting that application remains with us, our team, and we typically support that moving forward,” Nelson Normahomed of Vendavo explains in this article at TechRepublic.

“Every day is a new challenge,” he says, since Vendavo is constantly adopting the latest technology. 

“We don’t stagnate, technology-wise, because we’re always trying to keep up with what makes sense from a technology standpoint and incorporate that into our infrastructure appropriately,” he goes on. “Everything from infrastructure as code, working with Microsoft and AWS cloud providers, Oracle and Microsoft SQL server—we touch it all.”

On a typical day, Normahomed starts his schedule of tasks around 9 a.m., “but in the life of an SRE, that always changes, right?”

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