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Features and Benefits



Advanced Financial Analysis

Vendavo technology and experts create a holistic view of a client’s key financial trends.

Establishes a baseline of commercial performance which can then be improved.

Current State Documentation

A robust documentation of current challenges, processes, and opportunity areas.

Establishes a baseline of current processes which can then be improved.

Validate Opportunity

Conclusion of current state analysis and recommended next steps

Clarity and alignment on next steps, including executive sign off on what needs to change & how.

Business Process Design

Aligns People/Process to out of the box software or change orders the software to required People/Process.

Aligns people, process, and technology to overall best outcomes for the client.

Price Setting

Defines the necessary price list relationships and price strategies (ladder, good better best, etc) for prioritized product families and markets.

Ensure product positioning rules are respected, improving margin on undervalued products.

Customer Strategy

Delivers customer discounting guidelines and growth opportunities for individual accounts and the overall business.

Ensures consistent customer strategies while correcting unjustified pricing outliers. Creates a hit list for sales to engage on.

Validate Strategy

Consolidated results and impact review of strategy recommendations. Executive gate before enacting.

Ensure that necessary lift is achieved and that business considerations are addressed before proceeding with roll out.

Change Management

Ability to drive organizational change a develop buy in of updated software and process.

Multiple studies show that focusing on the people side of technology yields substantially improved benefits.

Financial Planning

Drive accountability of business returns with clear, finalized forecast that takes into account field insights.

Develops a field-vetted forecast with roll ups by leader.

Validate Execution

Consolidated results and impact review of sales review and final changes. Executive gate that sets us up for follow on tracking and accountability.

Sets across the organization expectations on what they need to do and how it will be tracked, and when those meetings are scheduled.

Financial Measurement

Post go-live financial results tracking.

Clear understanding of how the scope is performing overall, laggards/successes vs original plan.

Adoption Support

A group of highly valuable activities usually needed post go-live to ensure success.

Provides a budget of hours to refresh / support adoption topics.

Executive Review

Financial measurement report outs.

Provides reinforcement to project and an opportunity for Vendavo and client leadership to align on progress.