Profitability: The Finance Executive’s Perspective on Improving Profit

CFO Research, in conjunction with Vendavo, surveyed senior finance executives to gain insights into how finance teams impact profitability at large companies. The survey collected responses from finance executives employed at U.S. Companies with more then $1 billion in revenue. In addition to the role of finance in profitability, respondents were asked about the:

  • Outlook on margin and profit improvement today and in the immediate future
  • Biggest internal and external threats to improving profitability
  • Effectiveness and understanding of profitability for other departments in their organization, including the C-suite and sales team
  • Use of technology in profit improvement and growth

Download the full report to get deep insights into the survey results.

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How do you drive margin growth in a sustainable way? The pressure to improve profitability and ensure long-lasting growth is increasing each year. Watch this webcast to learn about key barriers to margin growth and hear about levers and drivers of profitability as identified by finance executives in U.S. firms with more than $1 billion in annual revenues.

Real World Examples

Check out our “Sponsor’s Perspective” to see a real-world example of how the survey findings impact profitability.

Download this infographic to learn three key strategies to improve profitability and pave the way for consistent margin growth.

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