Social Roundup – October Part I

By Vendavo
October 2, 2015

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Another two weeks have flown by. The kids are back in school, September has ended and Fall is in full swing. Yet, the influx of articles and stories is as strong as ever. With the constant stream of political battles and even more senseless violence dominating the American headlines, let’s take a break to see what people are learning about business, sales and technology.

1. ‘Traditional’ CFOs Less Likely to See Profit

Synopsis: According to a Epicor/Redshift Research paper, CFOs that use “traditionalist” methods are more likely to miss profit opportunities due to their resistance to change and unwillingness to leverage new technologies.

Key Quote: “Traditionalists are also less likely to leverage technology to drive change, with fewer believing that systems can help the business achieve more.”

2. CFOs Reveal the Most Stressful Part of Their Jobs

Synopsis: A recent Robert Half Management Resources survey found that the most common stress factor for CFOs is the need to stay up-to-date with disruptive technologies. The survey found the biggest pressure to be not only keeping up with the innovations, but also staying updated on the risks associated with new technologies.

Key Quote: “Companies need accounting and finance staff who are proficient with enterprise resource planning systems, are able to automate financial processes, and can tap business intelligence tools to mine data they can turn into strategic guidance.” – Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half

3. How to Spot Hidden Opportunities for Sales Growth

Synopsis: This HBR piece provides various examples of how companies conducted in-depth research and analysis into their sales force to find new profit opportunities and identify where opportunities were being missed.

Key Quote: “Better analytics, as well as improved data storage and organization technologies, are enabling companies to get more creative in the way they analyze data to discover and take advantage of these hidden pockets of growth.”

Bonus Article — How To Fill Your Analytics Talent Gap

Synopsis: There is a talent gap growing in today’s business world that has shed light on an absence of professionals with the ability to analyze data and turn it into actionable business strategies. Vendavo’s Vlad Gorlov dives into ways executives can alleviate this pressure by establishing a solid foundation for data analytics success.

Key Quote: “The best answer for long-term success is building the infrastructure that allows your organization to succeed without a multi-disciplinary analyst but also entices such an analyst to join down the road.”

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