Social Roundup – September Part I

By Vendavo
September 4, 2015

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The end of August brought a stream of fascinating news pieces across the spectrum of industries. Stock market fluctuations, the importance of U.S. manufacturing and oil market perceptions received considerable coverage for the impact on the U.S. and global economies. Yet, with the Roundup we like to highlight the stories you may have missed.

1. Corporate CFOs are More Powerful Than Ever

Synopsis: As data rises in importance, CFOs are called upon more and more to become multi-faceted experts and decision makers. Now, the CFO role can cover a number of corporate functions from supply chain logistics to risk management to data security.

Key Quote: “In addition to the security of customers’ data, increased focus on using data analytics to make business decisions is putting CFOs in the sweet spot when it comes to corporate intelligence.”

2. Turning Pricing Power into Profit 

Synopsis: A recent McKinsey and Company study shows the influence proper pricing strategies can have on a company’s profit, but this is more than improved pricing. The right analytics and meaningful data can ensure sales growth occurs in the most effective way.

Key Quote: “According to McKinsey’s research, pricing managers often lack a clear understanding of how profitability varies among regions and product lines, and they know even less about how it can vary among individual customers or transactions.”

3. CFO Compensation Rises 6.7% at Larger Firms

Synopsis: According to a Mercer survey, compensation for CFOs has increased in all pay elements, shrinking the gap between CFO and CEO.

Key Quote: “The narrowing gap may also reflect an elevation in the CFO’s status, as the role is viewed increasingly as a strategic one rather than simply tactical.”

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