Social Roundup – Week of August 21

By Vendavo
August 21, 2015

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This week saw a variety of issues reach the forefront of social media. From the New York Times‘ exposé on Amazon’s workplace environment to the Ashley Madison hack, there was plenty to keep up on. However, the articles that sparked our interest this week had more to do with trends occurring on a broader basis and may have been overlooked.

1. What Will the CFO Role Look Like in 2020?

Synopsis: Deloitte CFO Frank Friedman discusses the changing world of the CFO and how important the acquisition of multi-disciplinary skills will become for the CFO in the next few years. As big data and data analytics become more crucial, CFOs must be able to learn the skills needed to become more digitally savvy.

Key Quote: “Five years from now, I expect that a big differentiator separating highly successful CFOs from others will be the ability to operationalize and execute company strategy based on data-driven insights.”

2. Setting prices centrally, w/optimization yields higher profits than local pricing

Synopsis: A recent study showed how profits benefit when a company’s sales team is empowered with optimized prices. The improvement to profits increases when optimization techniques are included, rather than leaving pricing and discounts to the discretion of local sales representatives.

Key Quote: “Business literature includes many debates whether profits are greater when prices are set centrally or when local sales people have permission to offer customers discounts. The tension focuses on headquarters’ ability to leverage enterprise-wide information and advanced analytics like pricing optimization versus field sales staff’s ability to use deal-specific information to negotiate a better price.”

3. There Is No Trade-Off Between Profit and Purpose

Synopsis: London Business School professor Alex Edmans gives the main points from his TEDx talk titled “The Social Responsibility of Business” that detailed how profits can be positively affected by the implementation of programs that focus on employee well-being.

Key Quote: “In short, there is no trade-off between profit and purpose. Caring about society is not at the expense of profit, it supports profit. To reach the land of profit, follow the road of purpose.”

Be sure to check back in next week to see more articles you may have missed!

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