Social Round Up — October Part 2

By Vendavo
October 21, 2016

Every two weeks we will share some of the best articles we’ve found that cover the most pressing topics in business, finance, tech and more. Follow along on a daily basis with our Twitter account @Vendavo and on our LinkedIn company page.

In just two and a half weeks we’ll know the identity of the next President of the United States. It has been a tumultuous build up that is finally coming to a close. Take a break. You’ve earned it.

As always, let us know what we may have missed!

1. Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Synopsis: The most recent Duke and CFO Business Outlook Survey polled over 1,200 senior finance executives for how they would react to political uncertainty. In particular, respondents were asked about investments following a Clinton election or a Trump election, and their strategies with regards to Brexit.

Key Quote: “Finance executives responding to the survey also project corporate earnings will rise by 7.3% over the next 12 months. But they were slightly less optimistic about their own firms’ performance in the same time frame.”

2. Strategy Execution: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Synopsis: Every year companies develop new strategies or refine old ones that weren’t working. The process happens over and over, but something still goes wrong. Often, it is hard to pinpoint where things went awry. This article explores three potential root causes for failed execution of strategies.

Key Quote: “The result: change fails to take root after implementation; people revert to their old ways; and organizations do not build the capabilities to sustain the new way of working.”

3. CFOs Take a Macro View of the Future

Synopsis: A new report from Deutsche Bank and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed financial managers for their strategies when acclimating to changing macroeconomic conditions. With so many risk factors and a constantly changing market, these leaders provided some insight into their investment strategies.

Key Quote: “Their investment strategies are also impacted by the issue of currency risks and inflation, both cited by about a fifth of survey respondents as a top macroeconomic concern.”

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