Social Round Up — May Part 1

By Vendavo
May 6, 2016

Every two weeks we will share some of the best articles we’ve found that cover the most pressing topics in business, finance, tech and more. Follow along on a daily basis with our Twitter account @Vendavo and on our LinkedIn company page.

The Social Round Up is back! After a few months off, we are excited to get things up and running again. So put a quick pause on your election updates to see what’s happening in business, manufacturing, chemicals and a few other industries.

1. China Still Key for Chems, Brazil and India out of Favour – KPMG

Synopsis: While Brazil and India work through a deep recession and feedstock constraints, respectively, China will remain the focal point of the chemicals industry. As China begins making more environmentally friendly moves, the southeast asian region looks to become an even stronger player in the chemicals sector.

Key Quote: “Western chemical companies will continue finding a large market to sell their products in China despite the country’s economic shift to a services- and consumer-based economy, presenting opportunities which neither India or Brazil will be able to equal.” – Paul Harnick, COO for chemicals at KPMG

2. How to Integrate Business Data with Business, IT Partnerships

Synopsis: Businesses have placed too much emphasis on managing the quantity of data, not the quality. With suboptimal data, business insights can still be used, but not relied upon to be highly accurate. The consequences of not partnering business and IT in data management can derail even the strongest enterprise.

Key Quote: “According to a Pitney-Bowes white paper on The ROI of Data Quality, 81 percent of companies have difficulty generating meaningful Business Intelligence. Data inaccuracies are largely to blame.”

3. Surprise! U.S. Manufacturing is Growing, But Not From Reshoring

Synopsis: A study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance found that despite the common belief, non-U.S. companies—mostly European and Asian—are driving the investment in U.S. manufacturing. Innovation and heightened market access are the key factors in this shift that few saw coming.

Key Quote: “In region after region, company after company, companies are asking the questions: Do we have the right structure? Do we have the right sourcing locations? Are we bringing our product to market in the most effective way? And they’re oftentimes shifting capacity, changing the way in which they produce products.” – said Morris Cohen, a Wharton professor

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