Social Round Up — July Part 2

By Vendavo
July 15, 2016

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Two weeks ago the focus of our social round up was the Brexit. That’s still a huge topic of conversation, the results of which are becoming slightly clearer. Since then, we’ve seen a new champion of Europe and the champion of the Democratic Party getting a key endorsement. And then, yesterday saw another tragedy in France. There isn’t anything we can say that hasn’t already been said so take a break from it all and check out these interesting thought pieces on the C-Suite in today’s business environment.

1. Business Intelligence in the C-Suite: How Leadership Uses Data

Synopsis: With the C-Suite getting more and more crowded (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, COO, etc.), there is a distinct lack of business intelligence competence, causing companies to fall behind as data quantities continue rising. This article neatly summarizes the steps that need to be taken to educate the C-Suite on how to use business intelligence data for the betterment of the organization.

Key Quote: “The reality behind business intelligence is that, if you know how to read and interpret all that data, your company’s story is spelled out in front of you. How things are changing, what strategies are successful, and what you need to be doing next: it’s all there.”

2. Driving the Strategic Agenda: The CFOs Road Ahead

Synopsis: The role of the CFO is changing. The CEO is placing more trust in the CFO to help drive strategy and objectives. In particular, the CFO is expected to collaborate with partners across the business. Forbes’ Workday compiled a list of key priorities for CFOs to monitor as their role begins to expand.

Key Quote: “CEOs are feeling pressure to keep their products and services relevant and are looking to the CFO to help their businesses innovate and transform.”

3. The Most Crucial KPI: Pricing Power

Synopsis: Pricing power is the ability to raise pricing levels while maintaining business levels and not affecting demand. For CFOs, harnessing and measuring pricing power is a key indicator of profitability for the organization. In this article, the authors lay out the steps needed for CFOs to become pricing power masters.

Key Quote: “The more your organization tracks pricing power, the greater the impact it has driving sustainable profit to your bottom line.”

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