Social Round Up — August Part 2

By Vendavo
August 26, 2016

Every two weeks we will share some of the best articles we’ve found that cover the most pressing topics in business, finance, tech and more. Follow along on a daily basis with our Twitter account @Vendavo and on our LinkedIn company page.

The summer of sports and election coverage is coming to a close, paving the way for the fall of football and election coverage. In this week’s refresher, we focus on transitioning from traditional processes and metrics to better analyze and track business performance. Let us know if we missed anything!

1. 7 Essential Sales Performance Metrics

Synopsis: Quota, quota, quota. Sales is frequently boiled down to this one metric. But, upon further inspection, reaching a quota does not actually represent the success of a sales representative. This article from The Business Journals gives 7 other metrics that provide more accurate measurements of success.

Key Quote: “It is important to review the opportunity win rates you have as this will give you some additional insight into how your reps are closing deals. Their closing ability does have a direct impact on the sales performance.”

2. To Thrive in the Future, Manufacturing Will Have to Get “Smarter”

Synopsis: According to a whitepaper from UPS, in order for manufacturers to keep pace, they will have to incorporate Big Data and advanced analytics and technologies into their business processes. In this article from the Supply Chain Quarterly, you will find 5 ways UPS describes manufacturers can use advanced technologies and analytics.

Key Quote: “More and more industrial manufacturers are creating products that are connected in some way to the cloud. When sensors in the product detect a problem, they can notify the manufacturer, which in turn can proactively schedule service.”

3. Big Data to Shift Focus to Predictive Analytics as IoT Takes Hold

Synopsis: With the Internet of Things connecting processes and products like never before, there is a chance Big Data will transition from historical data patterns to predictive analytics. European Communications discusses a recent report from Machina Research that details the shifts in data management and analytics.

Key Quote: “As the IoT market develops, and takes in machine learning, augmented insights and managed autonomy, the report finds the scale, speed, structure, and context of data will undermine the effectiveness of existing big data techniques…”

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