The Truth About Improving Margins and Avoiding Pitfalls

By Aidan Murphy
July 18, 2013

The B2B Sales environment has changed. The “gut-feel” of an experienced Sales Rep and the comfort of legacy custom is no longer enough to maintain healthy growth in the B2B arena.

The modern, profitable Sales Person needs to have access to, and be able to make sense of, up-to-date market 
and customer data. They need to be able to quote the right price and negotiate with confidence. They need to sell more profitably.

But, that’s obvious, right? There isn’t a CSO in the world who doesn’t want to boost more profitable sales. The problem is that undertaking a project to improve margins through profitable selling is a significant commitment for any mid-market and enterprise company.

Have you ever heard someone on a system implementation project say something like:

– “We’ve been talking about this for weeks, let’s just get on and build the thing.”

– “What’s the problem with adding this? Can’t we just move the plan to the right?”

– “I want the benefits of agile, but I also want guarantees that I will get all the requested functionality.”

Frustrations like this can lead to ill discipline in project delivery, undermine the business case and put the success of your B2B Pricing project at risk.

Tune in to my live webinar entitled “10 Strategies to B2B Margin Improvement Project Success” on July 25th to hear how to identify common warning signs such as these and how you can tailor your delivery approach to address them or avoid them altogether. Register here!

By eliminating pitfalls, your business can focus on identifying and delivering the most value for your investment, ensuring success in your pursuit of profit.

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    Aidan Murphy

    Aidan is a Senior Pricing Consultant at Vendavo who joined the Vendavo GSD Team from IBM GBS in May 2013. He has planned and delivered custom developments, complex system-integrations and process engineering programs from conception to implementation using both agile and waterfall methodologies. During his 11 years with PwC, PwC Consulting and IBM, Aidan has worked predominately in B2B Pricing with the petroleum industry. He has led local and global delivery teams and has developed global strategies across multiple classes of business. Aidan thrives in global, enterprise environments. He relishes the challenge of making sense of and delivering solutions for complex business problems in partnership with his clients.