So, You Want to Implement a Margin Improvement Project?

By Aidan Murphy
July 24, 2013

Your board has given the all-clear for you to improve your company’s margin. You know what you need to achieve. So, how do you ensure that the implementation of your strategy will go to plan? How can you avoid the traps associated with implementing a complex IT system in an enterprise level company?

Consider Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

In a business world, your corporate lifespan would certainly shorten if you don’t look to pre-empt the challenges you’re likely to face.

The answer is to ensure you chose a proven product and delivery partners with a track record of delivering results. Here at Vendavo, we have delivered scores of successful margin improvement projects, often in extremely challenging, complex environments.

Tune in to my live webinar entitled “10 Strategies to B2B Margin Improvement Project Success” on July 25th to hear how, based on the wealth of pricing and profit optimization experience we have here at Vendavo, we have been able to tailor our delivery approach to avoid 10 of the most common project pitfalls.”

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    Aidan Murphy

    Aidan is a Senior Pricing Consultant at Vendavo who joined the Vendavo GSD Team from IBM GBS in May 2013. He has planned and delivered custom developments, complex system-integrations and process engineering programs from conception to implementation using both agile and waterfall methodologies. During his 11 years with PwC, PwC Consulting and IBM, Aidan has worked predominately in B2B Pricing with the petroleum industry. He has led local and global delivery teams and has developed global strategies across multiple classes of business. Aidan thrives in global, enterprise environments. He relishes the challenge of making sense of and delivering solutions for complex business problems in partnership with his clients.