More Presents for SAP HANA

By Gabe Smith
October 16, 2013

My last post was a piece on the Killer App for HANA as a present for her 2nd birthday. At Vendavo, we feel like our application is THE killer app, but HANA is popular and gets a lot of presents, so there are some others that are worthy of note. I thought in this post I would share some of the other cool presents she has received. You can decide which is the best….

Smart Meter AnalyticsHana

Interactive Power Grid of Manhattan in 3D at SAPPHIRE, where you put on 3D glasses and select different time periods to see energy consumption at different times of the day and dates of the year as well as the weather at those times. If you look closely you can see that is 1B records being queried in .12 seconds, pretty astounding. This dynamic drill down and visualization is applied to profitable selling in Vendavo.

Predictive Healthcare & Personalized Care

Can you sequence a human genome during a doctor’s office visit? This obviously has a huge benefit for all of humanity in the ability to diagnose issues and cure disease even if the ROI is not as measurable in dollars as a profit improvement project, so I can see the case that this is the killer app: Real Time Cost Effective Genome Analysis

Beer Consumption

Speaking of benefit to the human race, Thomas Jefferson once said that “Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” While perhaps not as beneficial as genome sequencing in real time, this a bit more germane to pricing: Weissbeerger Beer in Israel has installed beer line sensors on their taps in restaurants and bars to understand beer consumption in real time. Imagine if they were running Vendavo on HANA, they could be adjusting pricing in real time in conjunction with the trends they are seeing. Consumption down on Thursday evening happy hour, 5 Sheqels off, effective now!

So, you decide: beer, genome, smart meter, or profitable selling. Taking votes now!

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    Gabe Smith

    Gabe has 13 years of experience in sales, consulting, pricing, product and program management. He joined Vendavo in 2007 as a Principal Pricing Consultant, where he led solution definition to enable value for multinational corporations such as IBM, Seagate, Emerson and Praxair. In 2009, Gabe moved into Product Management, and has worked on analytics, visualization and collaboration, and written several whitepapers on price and margin management best practices. Most recently, he product managed the release of the Vendavo Best Practice Edition and the CRM Sales Negotiator. In 2013, Gabe moved into an Account Executive position at Vendavo. Prior to joining Vendavo, Gabe worked at Cisco for eight years as an Operations and Program Manager in Manufacturing, Sales and Channels; he was the worldwide ops lead for some of Cisco’s largest worldwide sales and pricing programs and applications.

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    Alex Oct 16 2013
    Gabe, while it's tempting to pick the beer analytics (hey, it's Oktober, right?), I think I'd have to go with the human genome analysis... it's exciting to think about what that could lead to... soon the Doctor's office might look like a medical deck out of a Star Trek movie.