Happy Holidays HANA!

By Gabe Smith
December 19, 2013

Just in time for the holidays, Vendavo has just announced the General Availability of Vendavo Profit Analyzer™ for SAP HANA®. We at Vendavo think this is a great present for HANA…in fact, as I pointed out in the birthday post earlier, we think we have THE killer app. HANA is proving to be a disruptive technology in Enterprise software, but the applications it powers are what will make it truly game changing.

So, what does the killer app for HANA look like? In short, it solves an urgent and pervasive problem with game changing technology that has a clear ROI. Let’s look at how Vendavo Profit Analyzer™ for SAP HANA® meets these criteria:

1. It solves an urgent problem: Companies are in business to make profits, and since the downturn, they are increasingly looking for ways to increase profitability. Pricing is a proven lever in improving profitability.

2. It solves a pervasive problem: Suboptimal pricing processes and practices exist in a dozen industries, span mid-market to large enterprises, and occur in all geographies.

3. It is game changing: The in-memory speed and scale, combined with reduced ETL and simplified data architecture make a previously impossible to solve problem now affordable to address.

4. It has clear ROI: Price and margin management is, simply put, the most valuable enterprise software investment most companies can make. Returns of 1-7% on sales of pure profit are measurable, proven, and demonstratable.

We look forward to helping customers sell more profitably in the New Year and beyond with speed and scale that is unprecedented in this space!

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    Gabe Smith

    Gabe has 13 years of experience in sales, consulting, pricing, product and program management. He joined Vendavo in 2007 as a Principal Pricing Consultant, where he led solution definition to enable value for multinational corporations such as IBM, Seagate, Emerson and Praxair. In 2009, Gabe moved into Product Management, and has worked on analytics, visualization and collaboration, and written several whitepapers on price and margin management best practices. Most recently, he product managed the release of the Vendavo Best Practice Edition and the CRM Sales Negotiator. In 2013, Gabe moved into an Account Executive position at Vendavo. Prior to joining Vendavo, Gabe worked at Cisco for eight years as an Operations and Program Manager in Manufacturing, Sales and Channels; he was the worldwide ops lead for some of Cisco’s largest worldwide sales and pricing programs and applications.