Find the Hidden Treasure in Your Attic

By Profit Guru
February 13, 2014

When is the last time you went through the stuff in your attic? What if there is hidden value there, just waiting for you to shine a light on it.

That’s what happened to a family in London a few years ago. While clearing out the attic of a relative who had recently passed, they found a vase they thought was worthless – little did they know if was a Qing dynasty masterpiece dating back to the 1740s.

Judging by their gut, their lawyers advised them to insure it for $1300.

qing-vase-420-420x0Eventually, they took it to a local auction house and were given an estimate by an expert that the vase was worth $1.3 – $1.9 million.

However, this was a horrendous underestimate. When it was put up for auction, the vase sold for $86 million – 40x more than the expert auctioneer had predicted.

Hidden value is everywhere. If only there was a tool that could sort through all the stuff in your house and identify the items worth the most value – and what that value is (not just a gut feeling estimate). Then, you could evaluate the items and decide which are worth taking the action to sell and collect the value. Who knows – maybe there is $86 million hidden in your attic?

Unfortunately, there is no automated way to do this with the stuff in your house, but you CAN do it with your business data. Vendavo Profit Advisor uses a series of advanced algorithms to comb through your data and identify your hidden profit opportunities. You can then explore these opportunities to evaluate which ones are most valuable for your business and take action on them to boost your margins.

What would an extra 10-30% margin mean for you? Depending on your company size, that might be far more than $86 million…

Learn more today about Vendavo Profit Advisor and register for our upcoming webinar to see a live walk-through!

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