An Old VW EVC and the Power of 1:1 Customer Service

By Jennifer Maul
September 29, 2011

I love Volkswagens! I drove a New Beetle for over 10 years and immensely enjoyed zipping around in that little car. For the past several months, I have been on the hunt for a Volkswagen Eurovan Camper (EVC) – you know the really cool van with the pop up top. They are very hard to find, and over Labor Day Weekend, I was lucky to find one in the Portland area. I live in Seattle, not a terribly far distance, but what to do?

Not to worry as I had one of the most positive 1 to 1 customer experiences ever. Setting aside that the other party wanted to sell me their EVC, they agreed to meet me half way between Portland and Seattle for an extensive test drive! Now that IS customer service!

evcIt was a very positive experience, and over the week I have been contemplating and reminded of the power of the 1 to 1 customer experience. I learned a long time ago that making sure every interaction or touchpoint with a customer is an oppoprtunity to wow them, to really listen, to make the extra effort, to dutifully follow-up, to engage. At the end of the day, it is all about engagement whether it is with your family, yourself, your team, or your customer. It is never an interaction to take lightly or to be ill-prepared. In fact, it needs to be cherished because you don’t get that many chances to build confidence and deliver. More importantly, if you repeatedly fail in those interactions, it is a long road to rebuilding relationships and trust.

At Vendavo, we work hard to manage the lifecycle of interactions we have with our customers during our lifetime relationship together. It is not always perfect, and we have learned much along the way. As we prepare for our annual customer satisfaction survey, which is organized along the touchpoints that we have with you from sales to business consulting to implementation to support to relationship management and more, tell us how we are doing – participate in the survey and be vocal. Beyond the survey, tell us how we are doing during any of our interactions. The 1 to 1 interaction is two-way and unless we understand how we can do better, we will not improve.

I want to hear from you about the quality of our 1 to 1 experiences with you, and I want to hear from any EVC fan!

– Jennifer Maul

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    Jennifer Maul

    Jennifer holds Bachelor of Science degrees, magna cum laude, in Business Management and Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland. Follow her on Twitter: @jmaul_svp