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Tim J. Smith

Tim J. Smith, PhD, is the founder and Managing Partner of Wiglaf Pricing, an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Economics at DePaul University and the author of Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures. At Wiglaf Pricing, Smith is helping executives manage price better. Smith’s book, Pricing Strategy, has been described by independent reviewers as “the most comprehensive pricing strategy book” on the market, and better than its competing alternatives. Tim is the Academic Advisor to the Professional Pricing Society and member of the American Marketing Association and American Physical Society member. He holds a BS in Physics and Chemistry and BA in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University, a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago and an MBA with high honors in Strategy and Marketing from the Chicago Booth.

Who Makes Pricing Decisions?

  • September 8, 2015
  • Tim J. Smith
Who should make pricing decisions? Marketing? Sales? Finance? It's none of them and all of them at the same time. ...