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Standing with Ukraine: Here’s How to Help

Vendavo< Vendavo March 2, 2022

Too often, global “disruptions” go far beyond just economic costs. COVID was certainly one such event. With the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, there’s already been a terrible human cost.

With that in mind, we’re standing with the people of Ukraine by encouraging everyone to help them weather this crisis.

The invasion of Ukraine has been globally concerning for many reasons, but especially for members of our customer community of Ukrainian descent, or who have friends or family members living in the country.   

“Vendavo is contributing to People in Need, which aids Ukrainian citizens and refugees in other countries. We encourage everyone to consider supporting this or other organizations striving to alleviate the impacts of this conflict.” 

Bruno Slosse, cEO, Vendavo

Also, under our Vendavo Gives program, our company is encouraging employees by matching their contributions to humanitarian organizations that are committed to supplying humanitarian relief:

We would urge anyone with the means to offer some support to one of these, or to another relief organization. A crisis like this goes beyond political opinions and ideologies, and there are already many thousands of people in need of help.

The Economic Effects?

Of secondary importance to the urgent human needs of those in the conflict area are the economic effects these events are already producing. These will, though, have negative impacts on businesses, employment, investment, and other areas which may trickle down to consumers and other citizens outside the immediate region. 

Some of what’s already been seen in various sectors?

We can only hope that the crisis is resolved as quickly and peacefully as possible to minimize the human toll, both directly and indirectly. Especially a time when the world is already coping with unprecedented challenges that have already put people, governments, and business to the test.