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Price and margin are levers that companies can use to capitalize unrecognized opportunities. Explore the custom report below to learn more about how our enterprise profitability suite can make a difference for .

In this report:

  • A compilation of opportunity areas
  • Price / margin analysis & optimization best practices that will benefit you
  • Companies (and, possibly some of your competitors) that have used Vendavo successfully
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Who Has Done It

“Think of a $60 billion company, and you are talking about 100+ basis point of margin, that is a lot of money to take to the bank. We are very very happy with our partnership with Vendavo in this pricing optimization journey.”

- Arun Narayanan, Dell

"Profit and Margin Optimization helped year-over-year price erosion to be below traditional range of 3% to 5%."

"We are well in the range of 170 bps margin improvement"

"There’s a lot of expansion opportunity with SAP Price and Margin Management as a powerful suite of analytics tools."

How We Do It

The journey from a company’s CRM to ERP is where all the value eventually gets generated. Vendavo solutions manage your entire transaction lifecycle by combining data, people, and pricing science. With Vendavo your technology stack becomes a perpetual profitability machine.

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Daily Margin Tips

How much insight do you have into margin? Vendavo and Cranfield Management School academic, Patrick Reinmoeller, surveyed 200 C-Level executives in order to understand the impact of effectively managing margin. Some of the insights can be seen below.

Empower client-facing employees by bringing information and intuition together.

Link awareness, analysis, and action to create positive dynamics for better judgment in the crucial moments when customers make decisions.

Interested in more tips? Download the full report to find out how you can better manage margins.

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