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Don’t Get Trapped in a Penrose Stairs Part 2: How to Identify and Overcome Misalignment in Your Pricing Journey


Your pricing organization/teams have gained more & more experience, and pricing has received lots of attention from the entire organizations as you showed good results from systemized processes to diagnose margin leakages. To take pricing to the next level, you […]

Don’t Get Trapped in a Penrose Stairs Part 1: The Crossroads of Your Pricing Journey


You have established a well-structured pricing process that enables you to pro-actively manage Pricing and execute consistently on your pricing strategies. Your pricing organization/teams gained extensive experience, and pricing received a lot of attention from the entire organization. The new […]

The Slow Pitch

Baseball and Bat

Sales is often likened to pitching, but to be good at it there is one key difference.  If you liken your prospective customers to the batter, then you want to throw them something they can hit, like slow pitch softball.  […]