SAP Solution Extension Partner since 2005


SAP resells Vendavo enterprise solution for margin and profit optimization. The product is a Solution Extension sold as SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo. SAP Price and Margin Management has been SAP’s designated Solution Extension for Pricing and Margin Optimization since 2005. The solution empowers industries including chemicals, industrial manufacturing, high-tech, life sciences and wholesale distribution with innovative solutions to unlock hidden opportunities to improve profitability and maximize margins.

SAP Price and Margin Management is a critical capability for many SAP customers:

  • Demonstrated value and industry leading ROI across our shared customers; predict a positive margin impact of 1-3% each year*.
  • Strongest B2B price management solution, fills a strategic SAP whitespace, embodying deep domain experience from 300 customer divisions, and best fit for SAP customers
  • Industry leading integration, supporting large enterprise flexibility, realized through customer influence and collaborative development
  • Supported like every other SAP product through SAP global support organization backed by top rated support from Vendavo
  • Executive sponsored co-innovation planning with dedicated SAP resources and customer driven investment input

*The numbers are based on the average ranges of margin impact as experienced by Vendavo customers. These numbers are estimates only and not guaranteed.



Leveraging our longstanding and unique strategic relationship with SAP, Vendavo offers a number of innovative embedded solution extensions for SAP software. These products are tested, premium qualified, licensed and supported by SAP, and utilize the core SAP ECC environment to maximize ROI for our customers. In collaboration with the Vendavo team, a team unmatched for its deep knowledge and expertise, our products and services deliver more than $2.5 billion in annual profit improvement to our shared customers. With our innovative solutions, we ensure your business has the data to make decisions that help your business improve operational performance and stimulate revenue growth.

SAP Price and Margin Management

Pricing Analytics

Identify price, margin and profit opportunities for any slice of your business.

Pricing Optimization

Determine and deliver the optimal price and guidance for any given deal.

Price Management

Set prices in a single rules-based system combining both internal and external data.

Deal Management

Create, evaluate, and approve deals that support commercial excellence strategies.


SAP Price and Margin Management Solution Brief

Empower Salespeople to Negotiate Smart Deals in Real Time

SAP Price and Margin Management for Chemicals

Multiply Chemicals Industry Profits Through Strategic Pricing

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