Vendavo Price Manager

Quickly implement and deliver optimized pricing to the “front lines” with Price Manager.



Balance your power and the market risk

Set optimal prices with Vendavo’s proprietary B2B Power & Risk pricing methodology, implement intelligent profitability ranges with target and floor prices.


Sales guidance built in

Build in winning sales behavior with value-based pricing & cross-sell/up-sell guidance.


Flexible, responsive, predictive

Price Manager combines flexible price setting methodologies with advanced mass price change capabilities and “what-if” predictive analytics.


Price Console Workbooks & Worksheets

Workbooks allow users to set pricing policies and manage work, while a Worksheet is a visual workbench within a Workbook for setting pricing policies. A single Workbook can have multiple Worksheets for setting related policies.

What-If Analysis

What-if Analysis allows users to change policies in draft mode and see the impact on revenue, margin or other metrics. Price Manager allows iterative adjustment to analyze the impact of pricing changes on revenue and margin. You can also manually override the system price to adjust for market conditions.

Price Administration

Price Manager provides users the capability to generate Price Lists for various purposes. Price lists can be for products, regions or channel segments. They can be exported to an ERP system and can be regularly scheduled.

Powerful Tools

Price Manager supports powerful tools for price setting and price administration to
boost productivity. Tools allow analysis of the relationships between items, identifying trends and patterns. Other tools allow the tracking of price changes and approval procedures for SOX compliance. Price Manager can also show a full waterfall view for each price list line, among other features.

Guidance Setting

Price Manager empowers the pricing team to set guidance policies for deal negotiation. Common examples include volume discounts, target/floor price setting, approval thresholds, cost-to-serve guidance and suggestions.

Pricing Strategy Software Enhanced With Predictive Analytics