Deal Manager

Empower Sales teams with powerful deal guidance, clear targets, and dynamically escalating approvals, Vendavo Deal Manager is also available as a part of the Vendavo Profitability Suite.





Deal Management Software to Help Sales Teams
Negotiate Better and Close More Profitably


Guide the Front Line to Profitable Deals

Identify and set clear targets, defensible terms, and dynamically escalating approvals


Optimize Team Expertise

Facilitate collaboration between deal desk, sales management, and pricing teams through integrated dashboards, indicators, and scorecards


Empower Sales People with the Information They Need

Integrates with Vendavo Sales Negotiator to give your Sales team the power to negotiate confidently and deliver intelligent quotes on the spot

Customer & Deal Analytics

Gain the negotiation advantage with Deal Manager’s sophisticated deal and line item analytics. You can perform comparative analysis of the line item pricing and profitability against deal guidance and historical trends of your peer group.

Deal Collaboration

The Deal Collaboration feature enables sales rep to collaborate on a deal with Deal Desk, Sales Management, and Pricing teams. They can get help on deal creation and pricing, as well as early inputs to reduce time-to-close deal and do more deals. Selective access can be imposed, and deal approvers can smooth workflow complexity by adding additional reviewers.

Deal Approval Workflow

Deal Manger Workflow automates the deal approval process using its sophisticated workflow capability to analyze approvals needed before deal is submitted, to track approval status, and to manage approval queue. Combined with deal guidance, workflow can push pricing decisions to the field by auto-approval of deals that are within guidance thresholds, thus increasing deal velocity.

Mass Price Change

Mass Price Change lets you quickly respond to market dynamics by enabling simultaneous changes to large numbers of deals, with the ability to preview the impact to revenue and profitability before you execute the change.

Price Protection Price Cap

Price Protection Price Cap in version 8.1 allows sellers to negotiate better deals with insight into the impact of these terms to revenue and profitability. This feature eliminates administrative overhead related to enforcing terms during frequent price changes to deals.