Vendavo Connect SDK

When your front line salespeople have a CRM or CPQ system that they’re used to, but need actionable insights and pricing guidance during deal negotiation, Vendavo Connect SDK helps you deliver when it matters most.



Integrated with existing CRM/CPQ

No new learning curve for your salespeople. It’s the system they already know, enhanced.


Already integrated with major systems

SAP, Oracle, IBM Sterling, Salesforce systems already proven to integrate.


Guidance when it’s needed most

Vendavo Connect SDK empowers the front line with the insights they need to negotiate and create profitable deals.


Delivered to Any Frontline Sales Application

Vendavo Connect SDK enables you to connect to any frontline CRM or CPQ system through a lightweight standard interface. This integration has been proven with most commonly used CRM or CPQ applications including SAP Sales On-Demand, IBM Sterling CPQ, ,Oracle Fusion CRM, Other CRM or CPQ applications including Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and NetSuite.

Provides Optimized Pricing Guidance

Vendavo Connect SDK delivers powerful pricing insight by leveraging enterprise “Big Data,” vertical industry expertise, and the patented Vendavo Power and Risk™ B2B pricing science approach. The availability of optimized target discount and margin information at the point of negotiation makes it possible for salespeople to quote prices that both win more deals and increase margins on every transaction.

Successful Selling in Stages

Vendavo Connect SDK can deliver deal guidance into your CRM or CQP system – based on multiple price optimization techniques – by utilizing the Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Suite™:

- Stage 1 Guidance – Manually managed guidance based on customer classification and pricing team’s experience
- Stage 2 Guidance – Segment specific deal guidance managed by pricing teams based on historical trends and market segment knowledge
- Stage 3 Guidance – Scientifically calculated using Vendavo Power & Risk pricing optimization.

Descriptive Pricing Management Software for Optimized Target Prices